• Café In de Karkol Maastricht

Café In de Karkol Maastricht

It’s a bit of a search for this little “snail house” in the heart of the beautiful Stokstraatquarter, but the guests who manage to find this 37 square metres small pub think it’s really worth a visit. Already back in 1700 there was an “In den Carcol” which means as much as a Burgundy snail or an Escargot. In the front part of the pub with three tables, at the bar, at the “Stehtisch”, and at the tables in the small courtyard, have already been written quite a few Maastricht histories.
The owner and his skilled staff, however, are still writing history. Not only with their gracious smiles, but also by offering various types of “Brand beer” on draft and of course a nice assortment of bottled beers. The small café is also known for its wines, which can be ordered by the glass and when you’re a real cheese fan, try the famous union soup or ham and cheese toast, you won’t get disappointed.
In de Karkol is a cozy café where guests of all ages can talk and amuse themselves and where most of them leave this small establishment in a snail’s pace………

In 2011 Café In de Karkol received an award for being the most hospitable company in the hospitality business of The Netherlands. Café In de Karkol has already been in the top 10 of the “Misset Café Top 100” for best cafés in The Netherlands for eleven years in a row and managed to reach the first position in 2016!